Culled Culture:

"If you still haven’t heard of Zhe Zhe by now, you’re really sleeping on the only (and possibly last) great satire of New York City..." - Genna Rivieccio

Let's Panic:

"Gloriously low budget, the production is hi art camp for the digital age. It’s a raucous collage of bad wigs and cheap effects that underscore their masterful mockery of the mad rush to brand oneself and call it creation."               -Brian Kanagaki

Brooklyn Magazine:

"Thus far, there isn't anything that Zhe Zhe has been afraid to take on, and each episode is packed with layer upon layer of references: abusive directors, aggressive casting agents, nepotism, overly conceptual art, industry exploitation, gender-bending, the local fame game, Americana, the economy, the culture juggernaut, and curated-everything (among many, many other things)."
-Ona Abelis

Paper Magazine:

"The show reminds us of old school East Village performance mayhem from the likes of Dancenoise, Alien Comic and any other act that used to play at La Mama. The good news is they've already reached their kickstarter goal.  The better news is there will definitely be a season two.  There's still time to make a donation if you care to help encourage this cuckoo bunch of kids make YouTube magic." -Mickey Boardman 

Culled Culture:

"On the heels of the absurdist success of Broad City, Zhe Zhe offers something that the former cannot: a far more unabashed alternate reality that foretells the imminent doom of New York as a place for artists.  As though they bottled some camp from The Mighty Boosh (which Flight of the Conchords also bears similarities to), the aesthetic of Zhe Zhe, named for the two-girl band it stars, is surrealist DIY at its finest - with plenty of wigs, to boot" -Genna Rivieccio

Mask Magazine:

"The web series is its own brand of surreal, one where extreme earnestness sits next to the offensively rude and 'hashtag problematic'.  You've probably never seen anything like it."  -Isabelle Nastasia

Joan Taylor:

"The show is perfect for anyone dissatisfied with the metastasis of modern culture, and the pervasive commodification of all that is in reality, inspiringly unique. This series is better than a Ryan Trecartin video; it allows the artistic brilliance of cultural analysis to shine." 

Art F City:

"...While we can laugh at or find these characters entirely clownish and unrelatable, their desires are uncannily familiar. The episodes are packaged neatly into catchy songs and quippy jokes, and underneath there’s something both endearing and unsettling. This is what makes Zhe Zhe so good." - Henry Kaye

AMO Studios:

"The team behind ZHE ZHE have created an alter-universe in which culture moves so quickly that it is absurd, but not unfathomable."  -Robert Hickerson

Leah Hennessey, in The Wild Magazine:

"Zhe Zhe is a fan’s show. I want these characters to be characters that people want to draw, that people want to be for Halloween or dress up as for their wedding. We are making something that we can be fanatic fans of. The Internet is the revenge of the nerds, and we’re part of it."

Digital Cinema Aesthetics:

" On Zhe Zhe, culture moves, transforms, and is ‘created’ at such a rapid pace that it is consumed, reformed, and then preserved and broadcast on to television within a matter of hours. The episode’s spatiotemporal collapse..."   -Chanterelle Ribes

ISO Zine:

"Everyone watch the web series ZHE ZHE! My favorite episode 3: SICK-Perri Hofmann

Diane Martel:


Curtis Brown:

"If Groucho, Chico, and Harpo were sisters, the bastard love children of John Waters, say, and living in YouTube exile, they might be Zhe Zhe.

Episode three's scene with the noisy malingering hapless one trying to climb onto her couch to watch a fantasized celebrity documentary about her own convalescence is sublime."