“Zhe Zhe” is a comic fantasy about the glamorous misadventures of two fame starved wannabes and their mad spiral into life in the fast lane.

Mona de Liza and Jean D’Arc, known to their imaginary fans as “Zhe Zhe” (pronounced jhee jhee or ʒi ʒi) , are draggy campy “girls” who would do anything for a moment in the spotlight, even if it means venturing out into the mass hysteria of post-apocalipstick New York to do battle with vegan fascists, celebutante video artists, trust-fun-derground benefactor blonds, seductive comedians, nostalgic punks, Donald Trump(s), slactivist political protesters, transplant cool hunters, and the Middle Eastern oil industry. Trapped in the myth of “ye olde Hollywood,” stuck in the dream of a rock and roll suicide and utterly addicted to identity itself, Mona and Jean, already legends to each other, will achieve immortal fame if it kills them.

Contact: zhezhefanclub@gmail.com